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Ninja Vortex works in decoding, coding and in the engraving of the heads of the high security, laser and dimple keys. Thanks to the technology that has, based on the combination of three axis, united to a wide database, Ninja Vortex guarantees well-advanced performance in the segment of the key cutting machines for the speed of decoding and cutting.

Furthermore, the engraving system allows the personalization of metal head keys through graphic etching without the need to remove the key from the jaw, making Ninja Vortex the only complete key cutting machine for high security dimple and laser keys, singularly or in series.

To facilitate the work of the professionals, Ninja Vortex includes complete equipment to cut the most widespread dimple keys that allows a secure installation, with automatic calibration and identification. Furthermore, jaws and cutters designed for special uses are available upon request.

The Liger software developed by Keyline stands out for its capacity to process every cutting system and easily receive software updates. Complex operations are made extremely simple and intuitive thanks to the modern color interface, which is simple and easy to learn.

Ninja Vortex is standard equipped with a USB port, LAN ports and serial ports.